“A Day at the Office” Tuesday, July 26th

So today at work I made the decision to document my thoughts and feelings at the exact moment I experienced them. This was the result:


Listening to Dolly Parton’s ‘9-5’.


Listening to Dolly Parton’s ‘9-5’…again.


Listening to Dolly Parton’s ‘9-5’…again.


Who even reads press releases, honestly? They are so boring.


Boss went outside to take a smoke break. I wish I could take up smoking so I could get out of here more often.


The song ‘Father Figure’ by George Michael is kind of weirdly fucked up but it’s also really good.


Like really…this song though.


Dear God,

Get me the FUCK OUT OF HERE!




“Jordan just wrote a pretty killer press release” – boss overheard on phone when he thought my head phones were on


How the hell am I only half way through the day? I’ve been here since Kennedy’s assasination.


Went on a walk for my 15 minute break and I am feeling bizarrely optimistic. Good music and fresh air can do miraculous things. I want to find this peace as easily as I find fear. Fear always seems like an annoying ankle bracelet that you can’t get off while this peace seems like a diamond necklace your rich friend only lets you put on for like five minutes before snatching it away because she is either a major bitch or Blair Waldorf.


Feeling like a dumbs because I just figured out how to get hot water out of the office water dispenser thingy today. I have been microwaving my tea for the past three weeks.


I wrote ‘attorney’ as ‘attornity’ which is probably because I feel like I have been here an eternity. Also, it reminded me that I spelled ‘win’ as ‘wine’ yesterday. Freudian slips?


29 mother fucking minutes.


Listening to ‘Formation’ very loudly.

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