“A Day at the Office” The August Collection

All written in real time. A collection of my favorites from the month of August.



Guess who’s back, back again.


Sometimes I think the guys in the office shit talk me over Yahoo Messenger.


I need to pee but, honestly, I think I think I pee too much at the office. Major dilemma.


Beyonce is so wise.


Actually slaying this divorce page. Now I know everything I need to know for my inevitable divorce.


I am LITERALLY peeing every 15 minutes. All because I woke up very dehydrated because 4 margaritas.


I am so disappointed by how little I know about law. I have, after all, watched Legally Blonde so many times.


Oops, I accidentally typed titties.


Totally want to be serenaded by Drake right now.


That lemonade line in the content I was editing was blasphemous to Beyonce so I removed it.


I got so tired that I started to fall asleep at my desk. I wrote “simply perfectly decorate you brand new phone”.


When you feel like you need Xanax to get through work…that probably isn’t a good sign.


Gett Off by Prince is my fucking JAM.

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