How to Build an Emergency Fund from Zero

There are so many aspects of life that you cannot anticipate. You never know when you’ll experience a big financial upset like a job loss, an urgent need for home or car repair, or even a medical emergency. A large percentage of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and find it extremely difficult to save […]

Freelance SEO Content Writer, Quad W Technologies

I write search engine optimized content on a range of topics including personal finance, loan products, health, and travel. I strategically utilize keyword research to ensure blog articles will rank on Google’s primary result pages. I complete my duties in a timely manner without oversight and write up invoices each pay period.

Co-Creator, America’s Sweethearts(?)

When I’m not freelancing, I invest my time in America’s Sweethearts(?), a blog I co-created and built from the ground up. It is now a multimedia project which boasts a 2.7k social media following, a Patreon-powered podcast, and the regular publication of personal essays which consistently receive hundreds of reads in the first few days. 

Marketing Manager, wineHouse

Created content for Instagram, Facebook, and MailChimp email marketing. I conducted event marketing strategies to sell tickets. I increased follower counts, impressions, and managed interactions on various social media platforms to improve engagement, in-store sales, and wine club membership.